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IMMUNE System Support

Here are MY professional recommendations to assist in strengthening our bodies natural Defense Systems and help our bodies fight COVID and to aid with Post COVID recovery. This is what I personally give my family.









TURMERIC has numerous studies showing its strong anti inflammatory properties BUT did you know it has show to have cancer figting properties as well? - makes it easy to take turmeric as it is quite a strong scent and taste.

These are the very healthy omegas! Omega 3 fatty accids are known for 3 major things

  1. Heart healthy! - Helps lower cholesterol
  2. Inflammation! - Less known - given to pro-football players and other professional athletes as it has anti inflammatory properties when taken long term.
  3. MOOD! - helps fight against depression


Beauty POST OP (liposuction and other surgical procedures)

I also take these almost everyday to keep my hair, skin, nails, and strong and healthy! I saw a remarkable improvement in how thick and healthy my hair was. Very similar to how “pregnancy hair” is. My nails are so strong and stopped cracking which is amazing considering I wash my hands over 20 times a day!